Monday, July 30, 2012

New Top & Must See for RNC

Tampa Coastal Homes Mitt and Ann’s “Must See” List Tampa Bay and Company put together a survey of the top seven things for Mitt and Ann Romney to do while they visit the Tampa Bay Area during the RNC. The winners of the top 7 list are: 1. Dive with the Sharks at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa’s Downtown! 2. Visit Ybor City, “The Former Cigar Capital of the World” 3. Try the Original Cuban Sandwich 4. Take a Run, Jog or Walk on Bayshore Boulevard 5. Feed the Giraffes on a Safari at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay 6. Visit Tampa Coastal Homes with Bella Bonnie Fagoh 7. Register for a Boat Tour of lovely Apollo Beach from BellaSol!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

In Apollo Beach : I thought I would share with you the importance of putting offers and/or counter offers in writing. A recent buyer I was representing put in an offer on a lovely home listed at $169,900. The home has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a screened lanai, privacy fenced back yard, wood floors and is over 2000 sq ft. (Yes, you can still get a lot of home for your money here!). It is in a community with some nice amenities such as pools, playgrounds, recreation building, fitness center, sports fields and courts and an on-site elementary school. My buyer offered $150,000 cash, of course not wanting to leave any money “on the table”. The listing agent called me the evening of our sending her the written offer and verbally countered at $163,900. My buyer was ready to accept but I felt since it was only a verbal counter, it was quite easy to just verbal back a counter of $160,000 saving my buyer $3,900. As it ended up the sellers accepted the $160,000 so now my buyer can buy some new furniture with that $3900 in savings. My point is that if I were representing that seller I would have had the sellers make that counter in writing. My buyer would have signed that just to know she would then have an executed contract as she loved this home. But since it was only a verbal counter, it was easy to just verbal back a counter offer to them. Of course, once we had verbally agreed, the $160,000 price was initialed by both parties and we have an executed contract. Please keep in mind that verbal offers and/or counters are legal, but unenforceable. Another buyer I recently worked with put in an offer that was “verbally” accepted by the seller only to have another buyer put in a higher offer that was accepted before the seller actually signed my buyer’s offer. That seller did not live up to his word, which was disappointing, but my buyer has no recourse as the seller never signed her offer. So do all you can to get these agreements in writing. This was an unfortunate event that was not in the control of my buyer or me. And fortunately, most sellers are honest individuals. Just do all you can to keep them honest. ☺