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Tampa Bay in Apollo Beach the phenom continues!!

Berkshire Hathaway Teams Up with Prudential to Launch New Brokerage Brand Carole VanSickle | October 31, 2012 | Warren Buffett does not just want to buy hundreds of homes in today's market, he wants to help sell them as well. Warren Buffett famously said during the initial stages of the housing crisis that if he could, he would buy hundreds of houses in today’s market. Since financing those purchases may not have been entirely feasible, he’s settling for helping would-be homeowners buy hundreds of houses instead through his new real estate brokerage, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. Buffett’s company will be teaming up with Prudential Real Estate to form a new company based in Irvine, California that will, between the two parent companies, have nearly 100,000 agents in thousands of locations[1]. Although the financial details of the deal have not been made public, varying reports describe the deal as less of a “team” and more of a purchase, with Berkshire Hathaway essentially acquiring a Prudential real estate network[2]. “I am confident that these partners will deliver value to the residential real estate industry,” Buffett said in a public statement about the transaction[3]. Do you follow where Buffett leads? If so, how will you use this information about his new brokerage brand?

6 Months Straight for Apollo Beach on Tampa Bay

Making a comeback

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Tampa Coastal Homes, Tampa Real Estate, Apollo Beach: A modern day feudal system for real estate | ZeroHedge

Apollo Beach Real Estate Homes for Sale On Tampa Bay - Here you will find the Best Apollo Beach Fl waterfront real estate and luxury homes in all of Tampa Bay. Search All homes for sale in the Tampa Coastal area. Many, Many pool homes with water coastal and beach access 

Tampa Coastal Homes, Tampa Real Estate, Apollo Beach: A modern day feudal system for real estate | ZeroHedge

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A modern day feudal system for real estate | ZeroHedge

Keeping you Informed*** It Pays to go with a PRO!!

With over 4,000 (licensed) agents in Tampa Bay according to NAR (national association of realtors) It is imperative to simply "HIRE" a pro that is practicing the art of real estate every day and "not just having a license"

After all a home is most often a persons largest purchase in their lifetime... so cousin Louie has a license, no offense cousin, how abreast of the market is this "licensed" individual?? 

A modern day feudal system for real estate | ZeroHedge

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Tampa Coastal Homes

Tampa Coastal Homes

New Waterset Community Sells 32 Home During Grand Opening

More than 5,000 people attending the grand opening for the Apollo Beach community.
Newland Communities, the developer of the award-winning FishHawk Ranch community, opened the new 1,300-acre Waterset community in Apollo Beach Oct. 6 and announced that 32 homes were sold.
Builders in Waterset’s initial phase include Ashton Woods Homes, Cardel Homes, David Weekley Homes and Homes by WestBay, all of which have built homes in communities developed by Newland in the Tampa market and around the country.
The Waterset community is owned in a joint venture partnership between North America Sekisui House LLLC, Japan’s largest homebuilder and leading diversified developer, and Newland Real Estate Group LLC.
“This is the largest new home community to open in the Tampa market in more than seven years, and the crowd on opening day is indicative of the excitement Waterset is creating in South Shore,” said Sandra Murman, Hillsborough County commissioner.
More than 5,000 people attended Waterset’s grand opening festival where nine model homes were featured along with 10 homes under construction and ready for immediate move-in. Homes are priced from $170,000 to the low $300,000s with home sizes ranging from 1,634 to 3,800 square feet. Many of the home sites offer extended back yards lined by conservation and ponds, and others will front on to community parks.
At the grand opening, attendees also previewed Waterset’s Greenway, the 12-foot-wide spine of the community’s expanding trail system, which connects the many parks, play areas and natural areas, and which is also planned to eventually tie into Hillsborough County’s Regional Trail System. The Landing Club & Café was also open for tours, featuring Waterset’s welcome center and café, fitness facility, swimming pool, playground, screened pavilion and pier overlooking the pond. Waterset is also home to the South Shore Montessori Preschool, which is now enrolling students 2 1/2 to 6 years old.
“This was a huge success for us, and a long time coming,” said Rick Harcrow, senior vice president for Newland’s Southeast Division. “The housing recession caused us to pause and wait on Waterset, giving us the opportunity to redesign the products and amenities being offered here to better meet the needs of today’s consumers. With 32 homes sold already, clearly we think the effort was worth it.”
Initial plans for Waterset include approximately 3,500 homes, including single-family homes and townhomes, and is planned to include schools, a regional county sports complex, apartment homes and limited commercial space.

Monday, July 30, 2012

New Top & Must See for RNC

Tampa Coastal Homes Mitt and Ann’s “Must See” List Tampa Bay and Company put together a survey of the top seven things for Mitt and Ann Romney to do while they visit the Tampa Bay Area during the RNC. The winners of the top 7 list are: 1. Dive with the Sharks at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa’s Downtown! 2. Visit Ybor City, “The Former Cigar Capital of the World” 3. Try the Original Cuban Sandwich 4. Take a Run, Jog or Walk on Bayshore Boulevard 5. Feed the Giraffes on a Safari at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay 6. Visit Tampa Coastal Homes with Bella Bonnie Fagoh 7. Register for a Boat Tour of lovely Apollo Beach from BellaSol!!

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In Apollo Beach : I thought I would share with you the importance of putting offers and/or counter offers in writing. A recent buyer I was representing put in an offer on a lovely home listed at $169,900. The home has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a screened lanai, privacy fenced back yard, wood floors and is over 2000 sq ft. (Yes, you can still get a lot of home for your money here!). It is in a community with some nice amenities such as pools, playgrounds, recreation building, fitness center, sports fields and courts and an on-site elementary school. My buyer offered $150,000 cash, of course not wanting to leave any money “on the table”. The listing agent called me the evening of our sending her the written offer and verbally countered at $163,900. My buyer was ready to accept but I felt since it was only a verbal counter, it was quite easy to just verbal back a counter of $160,000 saving my buyer $3,900. As it ended up the sellers accepted the $160,000 so now my buyer can buy some new furniture with that $3900 in savings. My point is that if I were representing that seller I would have had the sellers make that counter in writing. My buyer would have signed that just to know she would then have an executed contract as she loved this home. But since it was only a verbal counter, it was easy to just verbal back a counter offer to them. Of course, once we had verbally agreed, the $160,000 price was initialed by both parties and we have an executed contract. Please keep in mind that verbal offers and/or counters are legal, but unenforceable. Another buyer I recently worked with put in an offer that was “verbally” accepted by the seller only to have another buyer put in a higher offer that was accepted before the seller actually signed my buyer’s offer. That seller did not live up to his word, which was disappointing, but my buyer has no recourse as the seller never signed her offer. So do all you can to get these agreements in writing. This was an unfortunate event that was not in the control of my buyer or me. And fortunately, most sellers are honest individuals. Just do all you can to keep them honest. ☺

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Bonnie Fagoh (@TampaFineHomes) on Twitter

Bonnie Fagoh (@TampaFineHomes) on Twitter

Bonnie Fagoh
#WATERSET + MIRABAY = BEST COASTAL VALUE in Florida ** BAR-NONE ** Make me PROVE IT Call Me -OR- Just GOOGLE Bonnie Fagoh 813 390-7606

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The RNC will be inspired by Tampa's spicy, glorious history |

The RNC will be inspired by Tampa's spicy, glorious history |
Come experience the breath-taking sunsets over Tampa Bay from Bella Sol. Call Bonnie Fagoh or visit
Tampa Coastal Homes to reserve a spot on a boat tour! You will be glad you did!!

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Easter Spring Break on Tampa Bay in Apollo Beach Fl

The Spring Break weather is incredible here in Tampa Bay! Call Bonnie Or send her a message at TampaCoastalHomes to reserve your seat on one of our fabulous Boat Tours leaving from Bella Sol's docks in Apollo Beach Florida..gateway to the Gulf of Mexico or a Large number of small and private islands! Bonnie Fagoh can be reached at 813 390-7606 & remember go Tampa Coastal!!

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Tampa Bay Housing phenomenon

A home for sale at 3304 W. Alline Ave.
By JOSH POLTILOVE | The Tampa Tribune
Published: February 29, 2012
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There aren't many short sales and foreclosures in South Tampa neighborhoods, but if you find one you likely can get it for a bargain — relatively speaking.

Short sales and foreclosed homes come with their own set of complications for buyers, but they generally sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars less than typical South Tampa homes.

Still, records show that short sales and foreclosures in South Tampa are pricier per square foot than homes without those labels elsewhere in Hillsborough County.

"Clearly the buyers and sellers still believe there's a premium on real estate in that area considered to be South Tampa," said county Property Appraiser Rob Turner.

The nearly 600 houses without foreclosure issues that sold last year north of Gandy Boulevard in South Tampa cost an average of about $370,000 each.

There were 86 short sales in that same area, and those homes sold for an average of $245,000 — a 34 percent discount from market price. The 44 foreclosures in that area, meanwhile, sold for an average of $163,900 — a whopping 56 percent discount.

A home without foreclosure issues in Hillsborough County sells for an average of $87 per square foot. A South Tampa short sale north of Gandy sells for an average of $137 per square foot, while a foreclosure sells for $110 per square foot.

* * * * *

A short sale is when a homeowner owes more than his property is worth and he tries to ask his lender to take less money that what had been owed for the home. The homeowner still owns his property and even when a sale is potentially approved by the lender, he still has the ability to decline the sale.

A foreclosure is a home taken back by the lender because the homeowner is unable to pay the money owed. When a lender tries selling the home, the homeowner has no power — in fact, he isn't even the homeowner anymore.

A short sale might give a potential buyer a home at a discounted price, but the downside of buying such a home is the long wait for the sale to go through. It could take anywhere from a few months to several months to make the purchase as buyers wait for lenders to agree to a steep reduction in price from the home's previous value.

Short-sale buyers also have to deal with a lot more red tape to buy their home. They must work with everyone from the servicer — the company that handles the mortgage — to investors who actually own the mortgage, and the private mortgage insurance company that insures the mortgage itself.

"What kills the deal is the wait, typically," said Michael Ceparano, a Tampa-based realtor who has negotiated hundreds of short sales for the short-sale owner. "I've gotten deals approved in 16 days … I've had a deal take a year. It's just a matter of who you're dealing with."

With foreclosures, a property potentially could fall into disrepair after the prior homeowner leaves or decides to stop paying his mortgage.

"If I could get it at the right price and I did the right inspections, absolutely I'd a buy a foreclosed home," Ceparano said. "But a lot of the time you've got to watch out for things like mold because the house has been sitting empty for so long. Plus the lender doesn't have to tell you anything because they typically don't know anything."

Short sales and foreclosures south of Gandy also are relative bargains.

The median market sales price for the 227 single-family homes sold south of Gandy last year was $130,000.

The 52 short sales south of Gandy went for an average of $76,000 each — a 42 percent discount from market price. The 44 foreclosure sales were an even better deal, selling for an average of $61,000 each — a 53 percent discount.

Countywide, 30 percent of single-family home sales were short sales or foreclosures last year.

In South Tampa, roughly 20 percent of all single-family home sales were short sales or foreclosures.

Before the housing market boomed and then dropped, the market was considered "normal" and less than 5 percent of home sales came by way of foreclosure or short sale, said Tim Wilmath, director of valuation for the property appraiser's office.

Wilmath's office had disregarded those sales. That's no longer the case.

The good news for South Tampa homeowners north of Gandy, though, is that it appears a lower percentage of home sales will come from short sales or foreclosures in 2012. That's a sign the housing market is doing better.

Of the 297 homes on the market in South Tampa early this month — excluding homes south of Gandy — 11 percent of the homes were potential short sales or foreclosures.

In the future, Turner said, he expects the housing market to improve in South Tampa, and for the number of foreclosures and short sales to dwindle.

Please see our posts about this happening since November

Deals remain among thinning stock of South Tampa homes

Monday, February 27, 2012

Tampa Coastal Homes, Tampa Real Estate, Apollo Beach: This Trend has Been STEADY Since NOV. See the last 3 Months POSTS**

Tampa Coastal Homes, Tampa Real Estate, Apollo Beach: This Trend has Been STEADY Since NOV. See the last 3 Months POSTS**

This Trend has Been STEADY Since NOV. See the last 3 Months POSTS**

Have you been waiting for the “bottom” to buy a home? It may be passing you by!
At least in the Tampa Bay area, some communities are seeing price increases. Some of the home builders, such as DR Horton’s Tampa Division, are increasing prices. Buy now to beat the price increase in all 22 of their communities from Tampa to Sarasota. I have also seen price increases from Lennar and Khovnanian. Resale inventory has been drastically reduced, and I have had many recent clients opt for that brand new home with full warranties rather than the long wait on a short sale that they have to buy “as-is”. But I have noticed there are more non-short sale listings on the market as of late. In one Apollo Beach community out of the 19 active listings, only one is a bank owned, 9 are short sales and 9 are regular sales. Just a few months ago, most were short sales. The regular sales are helping to raise values in the neighborhood.
If you have been following my blogs, I apologize for taking so long since my last one. There has been such a flurry of activity I have had no time to write! Word is out that Florida Real Estate is a bargain again and they are coming from NY, Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts, Texas, and all over Canada. I have had several younger clients already in Florida buying their first home and what deals they are getting from the builders! How about 2300+ sq ft on a conservation lot with granite, stainless appliances, all closing costs paid in a gated community for only $169,900? That was the most recent new home sale I was able to negotiate for my clients. But don’t think these deals will last forever.
Developers believe so much in this area’s rebound that they have just broken ground on a massive master-planned community in Apollo Beach, one of the largest in the country since the housing bubble burst. When finished there will be as many as 6700 homes with over 200 homes in the first phase , opening in September 2012. Prices are expected to start around $160,000 and go up to $300,000. This will be the newest Newland Community in the area. Newland has been very successful with beautiful communities such as Fishhawk, Mirabay and Covington Park.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

January Flying by..Lots of Home Sales & Real Estate Activity

Thinking of selling your home? NOW may be a great time! If you do not want to hold on for the long haul your Florida real estate, especially in the Apollo Beach area, may sell for more today than it would six months ago. Why? Because inventory is way down!
I just tested the market on a couple of new listings, pricing them higher than what has recently closed. One went under contract in 4 days and successfully closed at only $7,000 under asking price (List was $200,000) and the other went under contract in only 21 days even though it was listed just before the slower holiday season. That buyer wants to close as soon as possible so I can tell you at what price that closes soon.
I took this position because I was not only looking at sold comps (looking back) but also looking at what a buyer had to choose from now (looking ahead). There were only 13 available listings in a community where just 2 years ago there were 134 listings! Simple "supply and demand"….prices should head up!
So if you are thinking of buying, BUY NOW. And if you are thinking of selling SELL NOW. Get in on the flurry of activity from buyers who are in the market now. If you are fortunate enough to not be "upside down" (owing more than the value of your home), take advantage of those who are tired of the hassles involved in trying to buy a short sale. My experience lately has been that many buyers are willing to pay a bit of a premium for a non-distressed property. They like knowing when they can close and at what price! You may be thinking "why sell now if prices are going to head up?" Because we have no idea how much of the "shadow inventory" may hit the market in the next year. Plus, by selling now you can take advantage of the low prices AND interest rates!
Please don't be too discouraged if you are a short sale. We have systems in place to make the transaction as smooth as possible. We even offer a free 1 hour attorney consultation where you can be advised on what is the best route for your individual situation.
Call me today at (813) 390-7606!
Thank you,
Bonnie Fagoh, Century 21 Beggins Enterprises
Search all Tampa Bay properties at or better yet,
call me for a FREE boat tour! Bonnie (813) 390-7606

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December Follow-up.

Here is an article from The Tampa Tribune on Christmas day that helps explain the flurry of activity during the Christmas - New Year holiday.
See below I listed and sold this home in 4 days. YAY!

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Foreclosure Auctions

The Investor Train is Here.. Call Bonnie Fagoh to get on the Hot List or visit her main website and request the daily updates there!!

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TRAINs Here!!
Mark Fagoh commented on TechCrunch.
Trains a Coming.... get your bizz Ready! Train Train IS YOUR REAL ESTATE AGENT READY???
TechCrunch | Square Expands Retail Partnerships; Now Sold At OfficeMax And UPS Store Locations
For disruptive mobile payments startup Square, 2011 was a year of massive growth on many levels. The startup ended the year with over 1 million merchants using the mobile payments platform to accept credit cards (there are only 8 million merchants who accept credit cards in the US). In November, Squ...
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