Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tampa Fl. Apollo Beach Home Market Report

Tampa Fl- Apollo Beach Housing Market Report, Apollo Beach Real estate & housing markets have forever changed. Is your professional a specialist like a Cardiologist or a general practitioner? Why does it Matter ?? Your $$

With the time past for home purchase tax credits ending on June 30, This video has an excellent overview for you to gain insights about this law and home buying and selling facts for you to bookmark and save for future research.. Studies have shown that no matter the structure of the marketing that is now made for search engine results by using keywords as: ‘cheap’, " buy foreclosure homes", "foreclosure discount" or even "bank owned and bank owned reo".. Nothing replaces a professional negotiator looking out for your best interests.

Did you know that professional "real estate" "Investors" and short sale flippers are using what is termed as "Bandit" signs that are plain signs made to look like they are made with a majic marker stating "foreclosure home must sell"??? These companies make offers on hundreds of properties a month and have honed their skills…Most consumers trying to find and purchase their one retirement home or dream home/first home for their families have a distinct disadvantage from these businesses and their law teams.

No the real indicator is how did the professional you are dealing with do in this most difficult time in history?? How was this professionals 2007, 2008 and especially 2009 results??

There is a new market that has enveloped the world markets and turned it on its ear..just ask the newspaper companies.. the television companies and the magazine companies really ANY Major Media company.. You have to have a pro working for your interests My Name is Bonnie Fagoh and I am applying for the job to represent your interests!

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