Monday, February 7, 2011

Feb. Fishing Report...Go Coastal... Tampa Coastal!!

Hello Anglers,

       I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that I am not looking out the window at 3 foot of snow trying to figure out this global warming stuff. The bad news is I would have a better chance of figuring out the global warming than I would the fish. January was a very unusual month in the way that the days that we had good weather and good tides the fish did not cooperate. On the other hand we had some very good days when the weather should have held back the bite. I can usually get a good feel for the pattern of the fish with the conditions, but January had me stumped. Hopefully February will be different. My focus for February will be Trout, Redfish, and Sharks. The Sharks at the power plant have started to thin out with this warm snap we have had but should migrate back as we are not finished with winter. That is not saying I will not take a shot at other species but those three will be my focus. Sheephead have been the one fish that the weather has not had much impact on the bite. They are not the same Sheephead as the northern fish, and yes they are good to eat. Actually, very good. Spring is around the corner and I cannot wait to get back to white bait and a bigger variety of fish to target. Until next time, good luck and be safe on the water. Remember: don't let your kid be the one that got away, take them fishing. 

      Other news - The radio show that I co-host on Saturday mornings has moved from ESPN 1040am to CBS 1010am. We have partnered with Tampa Fishing Outfitters and look to have a better show with a better format and more giveaways. Foe those of you in the listening area we would love to have you listen and call in. 


Capt. Ric Liles

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