Monday, April 11, 2011

Real Estate...As Affordable as it Gets!

Somewhere between the media hyping the worst Real Estate Market in decades and
reports that the economy is recovering lays the truth of what is really happening in the

The housing affordability index has returned to pre-housing bubble levels or even fallen
below the average in many US markets, thanks to the combination of exceptionally low
Prices and historically low interest rates. Simply stated, low home prices along with
low interest rates as compared to an area’s median income yields an index that allows
many people to enjoy the benefits of home ownership. This also creates an environment
allowing investors to acquire properties that actually provide positive cash flow in many
cases at better return than many other traditional investments today.

For those who can qualify to obtain a mortgage on a Primary Residence, now is a great
time to buy a home. With the current low interest rates, buyers can rest assured that they
will have affordable housing for years to come as opposed to Renters who can be sure
that their rents will increase as property values rise again. Even if prices drop a little
further, they can still rest easy knowing that they can afford what they bought. Trust me,
the banks are making sure of that!

For those with investments in other areas, now is a great time to buy Investment Real
Estate. The annual returns on investment coupled with the anticipated appreciation of
Real Estate over the long term can seriously outperform many other investment vehicles.
Plus Investment Real Estate is a tangible asset that has virtually no chance of being
valued at zero as many stocks and other investments have done. After all, you can’t live
in a stock!

So whether you are looking for a home to live in, or a tangible asset to invest in, contact
Bonnie Fagoh at (813) 390-7606 or and ask her to set you up with
a ListingBook account. This new technology will let you search properties with up-to-
the-minute MLS (multiple listing service) info. It will let you know when a home that is
just what you are looking for hits the market so that you can get a jump on the best deals.
You can learn firsthand what is happening in your areas of interest and call Bonnie when
you have found what you would like to view in person. And best of all, this service is
FREE to you! Even if you are not ready to buy, call Bonnie to set up your ListingBook
(813) 390-7606

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