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“Lessons Learned from the Great Recession”
Tampa real estate agent launches new website to coincide with writing of new book.

Tampa, Fl
Award winning real estate agent Bonnie Fagoh of Century 21 Beggins announces the launching of her new website to coincide with the writing of her book “Lessons learned from the Great Recession”

Bonnie states, when you think about it,  there are over 6,000 licensed real estate agents in the Tampa Bay area. Imagine opening a franchise with 6,ooo direct competitors within 50 miles of your store??  How will you stand out??

What  I have found is , at minimum,  you have to give the customer what they want and that is a pleasant home search experience. Notice I said customer and not consumer.. you have to have that mindset to thrive in this competitive environment.

If you give the customer what he or she wants… A Pleasant home search experience…  they will come back to your site time and time again.. after all this is one of the most important purchases of a lifetime. Whether you are raising a family or enjoying a comfortable retirement ,  the natural conclusion is when its time to negotiate the sale you will pick the professional that has helped you  with your search.

Bonnie Fagoh is an award winning real estate agent with Century 21 Beggins & is the owner of Tampa  Coastal Homes. You can find her at or call 813 390-7606

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