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May 2008

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Today's Feature Stories

Investor Report: Second and Third Trusts

What's the single biggest headache for anyone trying to pull together a short sale right now? Columnist Ken Harney tells us. FULL STORY->

Hot Market: SE Michigan Surpasses the Psychological Pricing Barrier

All across the country, pending sales -- the number of contracts written in any given 30 day period -- are on the rise in cities and regions where prices have hit what we call the "psychological pricing barrier." FULL STORY->

Realty Viewpoint: Economic Stimulus Checks Can't Fix Our Values

As economic stimulus checks arrive, relieved households spend them on gas, food and bills. But the problem with the economy goes much deeper than that, beginning with white flight and suburban sprawl. FULL STORY->

Regional Report: Northeast

Our market experts in the Northeast region are reporting this week that their markets are seeing some real gains in this difficult housing climate. FULL STORY->

May Cybertips

You've seen the many stores that offer price protection policies. When the price drops on an item you've purchased, they'll refund you the difference. But here's the gotcha -- it's up to you to catch the price change. Here's a tip to change that. FULL STORY->

What To Take And What To Leave Behind When Downsizing

Here are some great tips on how to clean all that "stuff" you've stored away -- making for a clutter free life and an easier move. FULL STORY->


Real Estate Outlook: Encouraging News
Despite all the grim news about gas prices and recession, there are more than a few encouraging signs popping up in the national economy that aren't getting a lot of attention. FULL STORY->

Interest Rate Update
Today's Interest Rates from Realty Times are based on a 30 year amortization rate, with good credit and no origination fees. With no major economic news today to report, mortgage rates are stable. FULL STORY->

Realty Viewpoint: Realty Times Asks, "Why Buy This House?"
With sites like Zillow and YouTube gaining in popularity, real estate agents are finding it harder to wow consumers with their listing presentations. Realty Times has just solved that problem. FULL STORY->

Market Conditions: Miami-Dade County, Florida
Market expert Shelia Ferguson says it's still a buyers market in Miami-Dade County. FULL STORY->

Regional Report: West
The Western Real Estate market continues to see its ups and downs this week, as reported by several of our local market experts. FULL STORY->

Watching for Mortgage Fraud

Could New Supreme Court Ruling Spell Trouble for Multi-State LLCs Holding Real Estate?
A recent Supreme Court ruling just increased state’s rights to tax income made in other states. Columnist Diane Kennedy explains. FULL STORY->

"Help Me Help My Agents!": Four Strategies to Answer This Manager's Plea
"Help me help my agents." Training experts across the nation are scrambling to answer this challenging plea as our markets continue to shift and normalize. FULL STORY->

Avoiding Home-Based Business Blunders
Tapping your home's potential as a business venue lets you cash in on the intrinsic value of a roof over your head without treating it like an ATM. FULL STORY->

HUD Plans Risk-Based Premiums For FHA Borrowers
HUD says it will raise insurance premiums for FHA mortgage borrowers -- but only those most likely to face foreclosure. Columnist Peter G. Miller explains. FULL STORY->

Realty Viewpoint: Despite Steep Price Slide, One-third Of Metros Up

New Homes: Homebuilders Doing What it Takes

Regional Report: South

Mortgage Moment: Home Equity Loans

Market Conditions: Southwest Portland

Must an Agent be Affiliated with Broker?

HOA Health Survey

Ferreting Out Home Defects

Ask Dr. Real Estate: Should I Resort to Niche Craft?

Getting The Best Home Price Data

Condo Trends: Gardening Up on the Roof

Market Conditions: Seattle Puget Sound

Why is California Seeing Such a Down Market?

Ontario's Greenbelt a World Leader, but Expansion is Controversial

The Lessons for 2008

Washington Report: Are "Jumbo" Loans Overpriced?

Wild, Wild West: Silicon Valley Price Fall Spreads

Realty Viewpoint: Real-time Housing Index Says Falling Prices Easing

Market Conditions: Kansas City Commercial Real Estate

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