Wednesday, March 12, 2008

11 March 2008 Real Estate Imp Update*****

"When there is Blood in the Street, its Time to Buy!!"

"When there is blood in the street its time to buy!".....Warren Buffet, possibly the greatest investor to live.

The Federal Reserve "the fed" handed the US economy a shot in the arm today in a novel move. Historically the fed has expanded or contracted the money supply by adjusting the fed rate (loan interest rate). However since August 2007 this has had little effect due to the unique nature of the housing sector so in a move today the federal reserve in essence "swapped" treasury notes for mortgage backed securities which have been very difficult to move providing liquidity and some stability to the mortgage market.

This move coupled with a very likely rate cut on March 18th will bring some stability to the ailing mortgage industry. We can expect to see banks and mortgage companies finally start more lending in the next three months.

This presents a unique opportunity for home buyers, a good time to buy! Yes there is blood in the street, new home bargains are to be taken in the coastal communities of Tampa Bay.

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Make it a Great Day!!

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