Friday, March 28, 2008

"When there is Blood in the Street & Is the TITANIC TURNING"??

Re: When there is Blood In the Street & Is the TITANIC TURNING??

Good day everyone! As reported to you on March 11 the Fed (federal reserve) did

lower interest rates on March the 18th. In another historic event today private hedge funds

will invest substantial cash into a high end mortgage lender (Thornburg Mortgage). Well what does this

mean for us regular folks?? I am glad you asked as I have tried to explain, this is part of the recent bottoming

out process. Recent events like the cash infusions first from the sovereign countries like Dubai, then the Federal

Reserve instituting the "swap" in mortgage back securites coupled with the recent lowering of interest rates, and the

bail out of the brokerage house Bear Stearns just days ago, now we are

seeing the private sector albeit hedge fund money ( can you say vultuors oops.. It slipped!!) Invest in the mortgage

market. Even though this is a high end mortgage provider, this is good news for the market and will help provide

some confidence and liquidity to the market.Thank goodness the old Wall Street adage still holds true today "when

Wall Street sneezes the world catches a cold".So I do see the TITANIC SLOWLY TURNING therefore it is a

Great time to buy with the "blood in the street"! Courtesy of Mr. Buffet. Get your Bargains NOW

'" the best time to buy real estate was 50 years ago...... the next Best time is Now"!

Make it a Great Day!!

Bonnie and Mark Fagoh

** in an effort to realease this update to you in a timely manner some grammatical and spelling errors were left alone ( .. i am human!!)

p,s. the legal stuff?? the opionions expressed are mine and are sent as educational and not for solicitation she said!! Would you like some special waterfront and coastal bargains sent to you in your living room???????? Simply replie and I will research and send them to you as they become AVAILABLE** by for now its Late!!

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