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Investor Report: Booming Farmland Acreage

Prices may be sagging in housing, but they're booming in a segment of the real estate market that deserves a close look by investors: Prime farmland acreage, where global demand for biofuels and other agricultural commodities are driving up values to all-time highs. FULL STORY->

Hot Market: Oklahoma City Real Estate A-OK

The economy in Oklahoma City is outpacing the national level and that means good news for income and real estate growth in the area that boasts a population of just over a half million. FULL STORY->

Realty Viewpoint: The Bubble Is In Housing Prognosticators

Everybody's getting into the housing price prediction act. An index that has been tracking new home sales since 2005 says its historical data dates as far back as 1830. So what? FULL STORY->

Ask Realty Times

Can I be foreclosed if my mortgage has been sold? Must all lenders agree to a short sale? How far back do lenders check your credit? Peter G. Miller looks at the week's most interesting questions for Realty Times. FULL STORY->

Don't Get Caught In Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is among the top concerns of those investing in real estate. If you get caught in a mortgage fraud scheme it can create a financially painful and emotionally distressing situation. While there are many reputable and trustworthy mortgage providers, the lengthy documents filled with legal jargon make conditions ripe for misunderstandings. FULL STORY->

Weak Economic Reports Drive Mortgage Rates Downward According to Freddie Mac's Weekly Survey

Freddie Mac today released the results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS) in which the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) averaged 6.03 percent with an average 0.5 point for the week ending March 6, 2008, down from last week when it averaged 6.24 percent. Last year at this time, the 30-year FRM averaged 6.14 percent. FULL STORY->


Real Estate Outlook: Housing Better Than Some Reports Indicate
If the housing market looks darkest just before dawn, then maybe we're close to dawn. There's no other word for it -- a lot of the numbers this week are just plain ugly. FULL STORY->

Interest Rate Update
Today's Interest Rates from Realty Times are based on a 30 year amortization rate, with good credit and no origination fees. Inflationary fears have rates on the rise. Wall Street is keeping a close eye on any hint of rising prices and that's going to translate into higher rates. If you like today's rates you might think about locking. FULL STORY->

Realty Viewpoint: The Consumer Is Overburdened By Services
In written testimony to the House Financial Services Committee, Nouriel Roubini, professor of economics at New York University made some startling statements. Not only are we in a recession, there is a "serious risk of a systemic meltdown in US financial markets ... ." One reason is overburdened consumers who simply can't carry the nation's gross domestic product on their backs anymore. FULL STORY->

Market Conditions: Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Local market expert for Anne Arundel County, Elizabeth Penttinen, reports that 411 properties went under contract in February, and 135 of those listings sold within 30 days. FULL STORY->

Foreclosure Rescue Specialists

Indoor Air Quality Management At Home
Do you know air "fresheners" can pollute? That some air "cleaners" emit ozone? Or that dust mites prefer wool and feathers to synthetics? Clean Air School is in. FULL STORY->

Making a Move in A Changing Market? Changing Seats on The Titanic Isn't A Plan!
Are you in a rut? Ever played musical chairs? A lot of folks in real estate do, but sometimes the way they play it … it's more like playing Russian roulette! FULL STORY->

IRS Issues Vacation Home Ruling
The IRS has just issued a new ruling that sets forth the guidelines for those taxpayers that wish to do a 1031 exchange involving a vacation home. By way of background, you can only exchange property held for investment or used in a trade or business. FULL STORY->

Achieving Success with the Strebor System
The Strebor system starts with a positive attitude that gives you the enthusiasm, optimism, commitment, and sticktoitism required to pursue and ultimately achieve your goals. Although some people are born with eternal optimism, others of us have to work at it. FULL STORY->

Condo Trends: Was That The Bottom?
Look around at blogs and news sites around the real estate side of the Internet and you'll see there's a lot of buzz about hitting the bottom in the condo market in various regions of the country. FULL STORY->

50 Ways To Sell In Any Market

Realty Viewpoint: As Banks Face Reality, Buyers Should Seek Bargains

Mortgage Moment: Stated Income Loans

Flying the American Flag

Market Conditions: Tempe, Arizona

Ins, Outs Of Equity Sharing

Obligation: A Dirty Word When You Work for Family?

Making it Rain: Simple Solutions for Making a Difference in Your Career

Ask the HOA Expert

New Homes: Kitchens for Our Times

Time For A Major Homeowner Bailout?

Realty Viewpoint: Financial Press Gushes Over Incomplete Case/Shiller Indices

Getting Real With Real Estate

Market Conditions: Southwest Florida

Sharing Property with a New Spouse

Canada's Housing Boom has Lasted Almost 10 years

What Politics in 2008 Can Teach our Industry about Confronting Change

How to Get More Buyers in Today's Tough Market

Washington Report: HUD Unveils Proposed Changes to Mortgage Process

Wild, Wild West: Karma: California Foreclosures Outpace Sales


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30 yr fixed: 6.03%
15 yr fixed: 5.47%
1 yr adj: 4.94%

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