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Bonnie Fagoh
January 2006
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Protect Your InterestsWhen Buying a Home Even though real estate has changed substantially in recent years with the use of new technologies, the fact remains that buying a home still requires a series of traditional protections and defenses. Why? Because buying a home is inherently complex and professional assistance is both appropriate and reasonable. In practical terms, this means that if you're a buyer there are steps you should take to protect your interests. As a place to start, here are several basic issues to consider: Get a home inspection. Don't let the stiff competition in hot seller's markets
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persuade you to forego a home inspection on a home you want to buy. By misusing a home inspection as a negotiating tool, the house you succeed in buying may cost you a fortune in the long run as you rush to correct problems
Wondering What Your Home Is Worth?Let me show you.
Are Pets Soiling Your Chances of Selling Your Home? Pets are often so loved by their owners that they are allowed the run of the house. At their worst, doggie and kitty dictators mark their territory with pungent odors and unsightly stains. When you love these little furry friends, it's hard to realize how much these pets may be hurting your marketing efforts in selling your home. If you are like most pet lovers, you may be a little on the sensitive side. If your listing agent is having a hard time communicating with you about your pets and their effect on buyers and other agents, perhaps a look at this neutral third-party list of suggestions may help you understand the problem better: If it smells, it won't sell. Your pet may be perfectly well mannered, but that doesn't mean your home is odor-free. Most pet odor comes from fur and dander. Pets mark their territory by rubbing their fur on objects. That's why your kitty rubs your ankles with her sides. Minimize pet odors by not allowing your pets to sleep on couches and carpets. Provide them with a cuddly bed
Is Your Insurance Up To Par? The first of the year is upon us. We are soon to make New Year's resolutions -- and not long after we are fairly certain to break them. But the turn of the calendar is also a good time to do something in real estate that has become increasingly important: Check your insurance coverage. I bring this up not only because we have recently seen various hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fires, windstorms, earthquakes and other tribulations of historic proportions, but also because the nature of homeowners insurance is changing. To start, it's perfectly plain that homeowners insurance is something one never uses except in a dire and substantially-expensive emergency. Small claims are foolish -- they can lead to higher rates and outright cancellations. Since small claims are hazardous to your coverage, it makes sense to increase your deductible. Instead of $500 go to $1,000 or more. After all, you're not going to jeopardize coverage over $500 so why have such a small deductible? A higher deductible will reduce premium costs and that's a good way to start the New Year. It also makes sense to speak with your insurance broker every so often -- and now is the time. You want to know about the status of your policy (whether
Safety and Home Improvement Just when you thought you could do it yourself, you really can. With home improvements stores popping up left and right and television shows giving first class instruction on how to be your own carpenter, painter, etc., it's now easier than ever to take care of your home on your own. But, while the number of do-it-yourselfers who choose to perform home improvement projects on their own has grown dramatically over the years, unfortunately, so have the number of injuries. Spending on home-repair and remodeling materials has grown to an expected $170 billion this year from about $105 billion in 1990. While doing that work last year, homeowners sustained more than 300,000 injuries. Since do-it-yourself projects have increased so much in the last few years,
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