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Bonnie Fagoh
July 2003
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It Takes Home Owners To Raise A Village Home ownership has opened the door to the second phase of the New Economy, but that's just the beginning of what it can do for you, your family and your community. A funny thing happens to home owners on the way to the bank. They get richer. It's not just the equity-richness that's built a new economic foundation for the nation -- a phenomena that stands on its own. It's also a more personal richness that's fueling a healthier culture. Home owners are more likely to raise better-adjusted kids who are more likely to excel in school. Home owners are
Mortgage Rates U.S. averages as of June 27, 2003:30 yr. fixed: 5.24%15 yr. fixed: 4.63%1 yr. adj: 3.45%30 yr. jumbo: 6.98%-->
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more civic minded, they are politically active citizens and they regularly turn out to vote. And they typically are happier, healthier people who have a brighter outlook on life. Perhaps the best news about all this
Wondering What Your Home Is Worth?Let me show you.
What You Should KnowAbout Making an Offer Once you're preapproved for a loan and you've survived the rigors of house hunting, the time will come when you find a house that you'd like to call home. But first, you'll need to make an offer. The offer is the first step in the negotiation process. A good basic offer includes the price you're willing to pay for the house, your financing terms, and contingencies, such as specifying what will happen if negative findings come up during the inspection. Purchase contracts vary from state to state. Regardless of where you live, if you're making an offer, you want it to be carefully worded and well thought out. In the book "Home Buying for Dummies (Hungry Minds Inc., 2001)," authors Eric Tyson and Ray Brown say there are three key elements to a good offer. Begin, they say, with a realistic offering price. Your REALTOR® will help you with this, but basically you want to come up with a price based on similar houses sold in the neighborhood in the past six months. You'll also want to keep the local conditions in mind. In other words, if houses are selling quickly and many houses are receiving multiple
Are You a Motivated Seller Today? If you are being transferred, enlarging your family, or preparing to make an offer on another home, you are a motivated seller - ready to make the best deal to sell your home quickly. You and your REALTOR® can take numerous and appropriate actions to help you meet your goals. But many sellers aren't in a hurry to sell. They may want to test the market to see how high prices will go, or they might want to try a different lifestyle, but are undecided as to when and where they want to move. Realtors call these sellers unmotivated, because without firm plans, they can give the agent very little to do to move the transaction forward. The unmotivated seller can't sign a listing contract, and therefore the agent can't market the home, tell other agents about the home, or show the home to buyers. Yet it is often at this stage of indecision that sellers will most often contact an agent for help. They let the agent know that they are "thinking of selling" and ask the agent to create a marketing plan for them, including the gathering of comparable data of homes in the neighborhood. They use this information to help them decide whether the timing is right to sell, how much they could possibly net from their home, and to help them decide what range home they would like to purchase when they are ready to move. Then the sellers tell the agent, who has put in hours of work to get this information, that they will let
New Tax Law and Your Mortgage Interest Deduction While it may appear at first glance that the new tax bill won't affect homeowners overall, you have to look at the fine print to realize the new rates and tables may actually knock some homeowners out of the mortgage interest deduction game. At the same time, for tax payers who earned more than $47,450 in 2002 – you will notice a tremendous reduction in taxes, as you drop from a tax rate of 27 percent down to 15 percent (don't tell me that won't affect an economy or two.) If you were on the cusp of the two tax brackets, your mortgage interest deduction should now become a very important part of your tax strategy. If it brings you down to the lower bracket, you're going to save hundreds of dollars over last year's numbers. Keep in mind, I'm not an accountant, but just look at the tables at (the web site for CCH Incorporated, a leading provider of tax and business law information and software) and you'll see what I'm talking
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