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March 2005
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Uncle Sam May Help With Down Payment Savings Don't file your taxes too quickly before finding out what you can get back from Uncle Sam to help you save for your down payment. There's more available to you for increasing your tax refund than just your basic personal deductions. Tax credits can be another way to increase your refund or create one altogether that can inject more bucks into your savings account. "Thousands of people every year pass up millions of dollars because they don't know they can take advantage of some or all of the credits" available to
Mortgage Rates U.S. averages as of February 24, 2005:30 yr. fixed: 5.69%15 yr. fixed: 5.22%1 yr. adj: 4.16%30 yr. jumbo: 6.98%-->
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them, according to the U.S. Housing and Urban Development. As you prepare your Form 1040, be sure to look over the credits below to see
Wondering What Your Home Is Worth?Let me show you.
Counteroffers: What Sellers Need to Know You've found a buyer and she's made an offer. But the offer is not quite what you were looking for, so you make a counteroffer back to the buyer. A good idea? Perhaps. But to be a strong, in-control seller, it's imperative that you understand the good, the bad, and the potentially ugly regarding counteroffers. Let’s explore what a counteroffer is, how it works, and how you can use it to best advantage. When counteroffers occur: Counteroffers are replies to original offers (as the name implies). Just like making a verbal counter-point to another person's statement, the counteroffer is a response to an original offer. For example, the buyer asks that you leave the washer and the dryer with the house. You decline and counter back to the buyer with the washer and dryer marked off of the personal property section of the contract. You have made a counteroffer. Counteroffer snafu: It sounds simple. But there's one twist. A counter offer is an entirely new
Sweet New Suite Of Mortgages A new suite of mortgages gives key community workers, working families, and borrowers with limited credit and savings greater access to low- and zero-down mortgages to buy homes in their community or refinance existing mortgages. "The biggest thing is that this suite of products is available nationally from 2,000 lenders and 10,000 mortgage brokers who use Loan Prospector (an automated underwriting tool). Previously, loans with these features were available only on a negotiable basis with lenders and they were typically tied to revitalization projects where a city was trying to stimulate home ownership in a given area," said Brad German a spokesman for Freddie Mac. Announced last month, this Freddie Mac product could help put home ownership within reach for tens of thousands of households that otherwise couldn't make the leap and they can realize their dream with market-rate loans. "It would be very much worth while to talk to a lender and check it out to see if you can qualify for this product. It's a conforming conventional mortgage rate as opposed to sub-prime or other rate," German added. Freddie Mac's "Home Possible Mortgage" combines borrower education,
Smart Kitchens Could Cook Up a Strong Future, Report Says With cell phones, pagers and computers becoming staples in everyday life, will kitchen appliances follow suit and jump into the home network? The electronics industry is cooking up support for so-called "smart" kitchens -- especially in new homes. In fact, the Consumer Electronics Association calls smart kitchens -- those equipped with broadband-equipped home networks to connect appliances with cell phones, pagers, office computers, laptops, and other remote devices -- one of "5 Technologies to Watch" in a recent report. "The need for speed coupled with the desire for old-fashioned 'home cookin' has led to the invention of several new
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