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Bonnie Fagoh
June 2006
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What is a "Buyer's Market"? Most real estate practitioners consider a typical market to be one in which homes take an average of six months to sell. Realtors keep track of this number by keeping up with the days on the market (DOM) of every home listed and sold. If the number rises above six months inventory on hand, then the market is swinging into a buyer's market. If it falls below, it is becoming a seller's market. A buyer's market is one in which there are too many homes on the market for the number of buyers. Homes take longer to sell and prices fall. Sometimes buyers believe that winter time is a buyers' market. Homes offered
Mortgage Rates U.S. averages as of May 25, 2006:30 yr. fixed: 6.62%15 yr. fixed: 6.23%1 yr. adj: 5.61%30 yr. jumbo: 6.98%-->
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for sale during slower times of the year are generally aggressively marketed, and may not sell for a significantly lower price than they would if they were marketed in a busier period. In the spring, a seasonal adjustment
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Sellers and ProperPet Behavior Yes, home sellers love their pets. But many buyers can be afraid of dogs big and small, allergic to cats and turned off by lingering pet odors. It's sometimes difficult explaining to a home seller the importance of taming their pets when marketing a home. Here are some tips to help sellers keep focused on their goal - - selling their home. What You Should Do: Have carpets and area rugs cleaned before showing your home to potential buyers. Those allergic to animal dander and hair, even if they can't see your pet, will know when their eyes and nose start to alert them to an allergic reaction. Many will not purchase a home that poses strong allergy problems. Clean litter boxes daily and replace litter before it's time to show the house. Urine smells permeating from litter boxes are a turn-off to home buyers. Vacuum pet hair off carpets, rugs and furniture before every showing. No one likes to leave a home tour covered with
Survey Shows How Sellers Spend Their Money May was National Remodeling Month, so it seems appropriate and timely that we check into this year's home improvement trends. For that, we turn to a study funded by the National Hardware Show and conducted in March by the Home Improvement Research Institute of Tampa, Fla. The study, which involved 1,200 new and existing homebuyers, and was released last month at the Hardware Show in Las Vegas, found that almost 50 percent of those selling houses work on projects to get them ready for sale. This jibes with findings of a study conducted by the institute two years ago, according to its managing director, Fred Miller. The vast majority of work -- 61 percent of it -- is being done before the property goes on the market, and an increasing amount of it in the 30 days before it is listed. Still, 12 percent of the work is being done after an offer has been made, twice that of the 2004 survey and probably reflecting the slowing market and the accommodations real estate agents suggest sellers should make to buyers. Almost 25 percent of this work involves replacing flooring, although Miller
Simple Ways Your HomeCan Make You Money Is your house an asset or a liability? Does it put money in your pocket or does it take money out? If you're like most homeowners, you might view your home as your biggest asset. Yet, it doesn't create cash. It takes cash. As time goes on, the value (hopefully) increases and you pay down the mortgage loan, so that your equity increases. That's how your house acts as an asset. There's more that your home can do for you. In fact, there are three great ways to have your home start paying you, instead of the other way around. We call these "home loopholes;" the tax loopholes that the government wants you to use. A tax loophole is actually a government incentive to promote public policy. Follow the rules, and you'll put more money in your pocket and still be able to sleep at night.
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