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Bonnie Fagoh
November 2007
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It's A Buyers Market. So, When Are You Going to Buy? A buyer's market is technically defined as: "A market condition characterized by an abundance of goods available for sale." The in-depth definition from the same source is: "When a buyer's market exists in commodities, the buyer is able to be selective in purchasing contracts, as there are many individuals wishing to sell. Furthermore, these buyers will generally be able to purchase contracts at lower prices than those that were previously prevalent." The simple version is: when no one else wants a product of value -- buy it, because the price will be
Mortgage Rates U.S. averages as of October 25, 2007:30 yr. fixed: 6.33%15 yr. fixed: 5.99%1 yr. adj: 5.66%30 yr. jumbo: 6.98%-->
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lower whereby you'll be able to maximize your investment for future gain. In essence -- buy low, sell high. When it comes to purchasing real estate, it's not as easy as investing in your 401K or savings account. Those are simple. You can select as little as $1 to invest each
Wondering What Your Home Is Worth?Let me show you.
Don't Let Home HeatingWear Out Your Wallet As sure as year-end holiday decorations hit the stores months early, the annual home heating fuel cost forecast will put a damper on season's greetings. The U.S. Energy Department's (DOE) 2007-2008 "Short Term Energy and Winter Fuels Outlook" is bleak thanks to both colder weather, than last year and record high fuel costs. Without the cooperation of Mother Nature and oil barons, conservation, weatherization and other fuel saving techniques will be key to saving on heating costs this heating season. Overall, when the four most common types of central heating were considered -- oil, natural gas, propane and electricity -- the DOE said the average cost of heating homes during the heating season will rise nearly $90 or 10 percent this winter compared with last year. Households warmed with heating oil will really get burned. The average heating oil bill is expected to rise by a whopping $319 this heating season,
Safeguarding Your Mortgage Application Takes Commonsense There are several factors that affect the real estate market as a whole. These factors can make the national market swing upward or downward. One is the employment expansion/shrinkage in the job market; secondly, is the availability of money to consumers; thirdly, is the size of the real estate inventory. When all of these come into alignment, you have a killer market that nothing can stop. When one gets out of kilter, it can make the market stall, shrink or halt no matter how strong the other two. It's a three-legged table, as it were. This is why even though you'll hear the stories nationally about real estate, it's not a national phenomenon. In the past year, 13 states have seen home sales price appreciation of more than 5 percent (National Association of Home Builders), as well as the number of home sales beating out the year before. Real estate, like politics, is local. So before you get excited or scared about a particular housing market, look and analyze what's going on locally to make a decision. With that said, there is a factor in preparing for a home purchase that both buyers and sellers have complete control over. Nothing about interest rates, inventory or employment
Winterize AgainstPesky Intruders Here's another reason to plug holes, stop gaps and otherwise winterize your home. Pests that get in can be just as expensive as heat that gets out. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) says the last thing you want in your home for the holidays are the kind of unwanted guests that can turn out to be real creeps. Roaches can trigger asthma. Mice can gnaw through electrical wires and insulation. So can rats. All three will get into your pantry. Yeech. Unfortunately, just as you want to stay inside where the warmth is delightful, so do vermin and they can be quite frightful. "Pests adapt to the changing environment and seek refuge indoors during the colder months," says Cindy
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