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Bonnie Fagoh
July 2006
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Six Signs That You'reReady To Buy Figuring out whether you're ready to buy a house -- whether you're a renter or are aiming to move up or size down -- can be a daunting task. But there are signs that will indicate whether you're ready to take the buying plunge. If you are thinking about buying, you're not alone. David Lereah, NAR's chief economist, said the housing market has reached a new plateau. "Over the last few years, it's become apparent that the level of home sales will generally remain at higher levels than what was common in the mid-1990s," he said. "The
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fundamental change is a growing population with a rising number of households entering the age in which people typically buy their first home. In short, we have the need, desire and ability for people to buy homes."
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Spruce Up Your Landscaping Before You Sell With home- owners' priorities shifting to their outdoor living spaces, it's more important than ever that your landscaping and backyard areas look their best when it comes time to sell. Members of The Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association say the growth of the outdoor living phenomena is the result of North America's interest in 'cocooning,' the trend toward a more casual lifestyle, an aging population and the popularity of porches, decks, and patios in homes. And with more outdoor living spaces come more elaborate and beautiful landscapes. Studies have shown that attractive landscaping can increase the value of a home. Two studies, one by Mark S. Henry of the Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics at Clemson University and another by Robert L. Degner of the Florida Agricultural Market Research Center, University of Florida, found that landscaping contributes to higher resale values in single-family
7-Ways to Make Money On Investment Properties The market has cooled in various cities across the country and fair weather investors are starting to worry about how they'll be able to make money now that their houses aren't escalating at astronomical rates. I just have to say to these folks -- breathe. If all you want to do in real estate is make money on the basis of appreciation (asset growth), then you need a primer on how to make really good money in real estate. The authors of Investing In Real Estate, Andrew McLean and Gary Eldred (2006, John Wiley & Sons Inc.), have provided that primer, listing eight ways to grow your wealth in investment real estate. The key to building true wealth in real estate is through buying and holding. A good tenant can create wealth for you by paying for the mortgage, insurance, taxes and monthly fees through their rental payment to you. In addition, consider this: you have just taken over an asset leveraged by a fraction of the value. In other words, let's say you purchased a condo at $150,000 for $15,000 down payment. If it grows at 5 percent per year ($7,500 first year, etc.) you're making more than 50 percent on your money that you actually invested -- can't get that kind of power behind mutual funds.
Many Homeowners UnawareOf Electrical Hazards After depending upon electricity for more than a century, we tend to take it for granted -- except in those rare instances when nature pulls the plug temporarily. So much so that at least 25 percent of the nation's estimated 75 million homeowners are completely unaware of potential electrical hazards around the house. That is what a survey commissioned by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America recently uncovered. What it means is that one-quarter of our houses are vulnerable to electrical home-structure fires and other incidents that can cause significant personal and financial losses, the association believes. The survey, conducted by Media, Pa.-based International Communications Research, found that 18.2 million
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