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Bonnie Fagoh
September 2006
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What You Should Do Now If You Plan On Selling This Fall Home sales during the fall are traditionally a bit slower than the frenzied spring and summer months. But fall can be a good time to sell because there are (usually) fewer houses on the market - meaning less competition - and buyers typically want to buy quickly before winter and the holidays set in. If you plan on selling this fall, you'll want to do everything in your power to attract would-be homebuyers. One of the first things you should do is examine, and, if needed, repair any major structural systems. If you're unaware of any, you
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may want to hire a professional home inspector. Chances are a potential buyer will hire an inspector to examine the house, so you might as well save
Wondering What Your Home Is Worth?Let me show you.
Don't Overlook a Home's Potential When House Hunting Home shopping. For first-time homebuyers it's an exciting, albeit nerve-wracking, experience. If you're like others in the market for their first home, you probably have in mind exactly how your soon-to-be home will look. But it's important not to fall into the bad decorating, dingy walls, and dirt-bare back yard equals bad-home trap. If you don't see past the hideous wallpaper, funky light fixtures, and avocado green carpeting, you may miss out on a home with great potential. And, if you're looking for a home in a seller's market where homes are being snatched up as soon as they go on the market, you'll come to realize you can't be choosy if you want to make a competitive offer. One of the first things to do is to get pre-qualified for a loan and determine the maximum you can afford to offer for a house. Don't look at homes that are asking for more than 5 percent above your maximum, otherwise you'll be
Right Paint ChoicesAre Key To Resale If people stop dead in their tracks to admire your residence, your house has curb appeal. According to the National Association of Realtors, curb appeal sells more than half of all houses that go on the market. At the very least, it makes buyers take notice, gets them across the sidewalk or yard and inside the front door. Real estate agents say that when you couple curb appeal with pricing the house appropriately, that figure climbs to 90 percent. What kind of property it is has a bearing on how it is perceived, but generally, the tidier, fresher and cleaner it looks, the more curb appeal it has. And painting is key. Sure, choices and tints can vary from region to region, but a spanking-new paint job that's crisp and fresh can really reel them in no matter where you live. Painting can be very expensive, but it is the least expensive way to get the biggest return on your investment. Because painting is a maintenance issue, you can't say to a buyer, "Well, I spent X amount on painting." But the expense of painting definitely will be reflected in the quality of the buyer's offer. In the new-home market, exterior coloration is both art and science.
Hit Pause On HD-DVD,TV Monitors Some 30 million households will have some kind of connected entertainment network by 2010, but when it comes to the display panel and viewing media, choice will be critical and home work essential. Among two competing high density-digital video or versatile disc (HD-DVD) formats one could go the way of the short lived 8-Track audio and Betamax video tape formats, now dinosaurs in audio visual entertainment. And new technology in flat-panel TVs may have yet unseen bugs that could add repair costs to the expense of big screen home viewing. "Networks in the Home: Connected Consumer Electronics," a new report from Parks Associates defines a connected
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