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Bonnie Fagoh
October 2000
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Prepare Your Home to Welcome Old Man Winter Ice, snow and wind can have devastating consequences on the coziest of homes. Last winter alone there was over $1.5 billion dollars in insured losses due to burst pipes, frozen gutters and other weather-related disasters, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.). "It is when the leaves start to turn and not when the snow is beginning to fall that homeowners need to get ready for severe winter weather," says Jayna Neagle, spokeswoman for the I.I.I. "A little time and effort in October or November can prevent the heartache of
Mortgage RatesNational averages as of September 29, 2000:
30 yr. fixed: 7.60%15 yr. fixed: 7.25%1 yr. adj: 7.03%30 yr. jumbo: 7.95%
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burst pipes and other disasters when Old Man Winter brings snow, freezing temperatures and arctic winds. The I.I.I. suggests that homeowners
Wondering What Your Home Is Worth?Let me show you.
Credit-Damaged Buyers Can Obtain Home Loans It's credit called by many names ranging from sub-prime, it's technical name to damaged, it's operative name. But in essence it means that even though a buyer has less-than-perfect credit, he can still obtain a less-than "A" grade loan---about the only type of risk-level mortgage available until a decade ago. Today, it's a whole new world. Many lenders have the ability to offer B, C, even D grade loans to credit-blemished borrowers' with a range of glitches from slow pays to bankruptcy! Why are these loans vogue today and how do they work? The lending community, in a move to seize other streams of income, realizes that sub-prime loans are a potential customized growth industry (if the lender has the knowledge and desire to take them on since they can be problematic to rate and to package to sell to investors.) And second, lenders realize that heavy credit coupled with life situations out of a borrower's control like illness, divorce and death have made picture-perfect credit all but non-existent. Wanting to make loans to all types of borrowers, customized credit lends flexibility and greater "rule-of-thumb" reliability when evaluating
Beating Sellers' Stress Three things are certain in life: death, taxes ... and undue stress caused by moving. And we're not just talking about packing and paperwork. Moving is an emotional process. If you're not calming down your nervous children, you're trying to reassure yourself that you bought the best house within your means and that your kids' new schools will measure up. Depending upon your relationship with your Realtor, you should be able to rely on him or her for more than just closing the deal. Your Realtor also should be able to calm your trepidations by giving you the support you need -- giving you the facts about that new school district, reassuring you that your jitters are perfectly normal, and giving you as much information about your new hometown as possible, increasing your familiarity with the previously unknown. Reserve time for yourself and your family. It's an insurance policy for your sanity and continued happiness. Stress is sneaky. It can eat away at us during what are supposed to be the happiest of times, because after all, any major change in life is stressful. If it's supressed, it can wreak havoc both emotionally and physically and spread throughout the family. And there's nothing worse than moving a grumpy family across the country. For family unity's sake, keep in mind the following stress-relieving measures: 1. Remember that it's perfectly
Moving Day Etiquette Moving day stinks. There's no two ways about it. You've spent hours packing up and preparing for the arrival of your movers. Then you hold your breath as they begin the arduous process of transporting all of your worldly possessions from one place to another. You hope your furniture survives the journey and that your new home survives the move-in process unscathed. Few of us are able to claim that our homes or furniture didn't suffer a single scratch, that a mirror didn't break or that at least one item wasn't mysteriously lost in transport. Amidst all of the stress, we often overlook a few details of varying importance. You can't clone yourself or your family on moving day, but you can create a checklist of reminders. In fact, even if you're not a habitual list-maker, it's high time you started. Because a list is probably the only way you're going to get through your move without overlooking something you shouldn't.
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